New Cloud Sync Load Scanner Software Platform from

Professionals engaged in payload management using the Load Volume Scanner system (from now have something to get excited about after the introduction of the new Load Scanner Cloud Sync. This new Cloud Sync platform can be integrated to existing Payload Pro software suites directly, enabling users to access key data from anywhere.load scanner cloud sync software

The Load Scanner Cloud Sync allows users to leverage the revolutionary Load Scanner technology with greater access and efficacy, improving the level of service, accuracy, and efficiency in their existing systems. In short, the load volume scanner by, coupled with the new Load Scanner Cloud Sync, offers one of the best the best alternative to certain types of truck scales and weighing systems.

An Inside Look at the Cloud Sync Platform

The new Load Scanner Cloud Sync Platform comes with a variety of tools that work synergistically in monitoring, analyzing and alerting miners in their operations for efficiency in production.

carry back monitoring load scanner

Carry-Back Monitoring is one of the critical tools available in the new Load Scanner Cloud Sync platform. This tool can be integrated directly into the dashboard to provide real time haulage.

load position monitoring load scanner

Load Placement Monitoring is another essential tool that has been integrated to the fleet management systems. This works to ensure that there are no disruptions in daily workflow caused by poor loading of haulage assets.

Ideally, improper placement of load can lead to hiked machine costs and haulage asset maintenance. It therefore allows for easy monitoring of shovel operator in real time hence evading all the unnecessary costs. It can be easily integrated too into fleet systems.

Value-Added Efficiency & Flexibility

Payload monitoring tool has also been integrated into the Load Scanner Cloud Sync platform. This plays a critical role in allowing for real time and accurate volumetric analysis of payload. Mine sites can now analyze and customize their operations whenever they need.

This adds efficiency and flexibility hence improving the overall performance. The Load Scanner Sync Program has a lot of benefits to the users. Below are some of the benefits of using this great platform.

1. It is an affordable option and the best alternative to the heavy truck scales. In fact, it is a cost-effective solution in calculating load volumes efficiently and accurately. Besides, it is highly compatible to various computers or mobile devices. This means operators can seamlessly leverage the capabilities and tools of their payload monitoring to track and manage load scanning information. Installation of the system is less costly and takes the shortest time. Moreover, it requires the least maintenance.load scanner on the cloud

2. It is also very flexible and durable. It has been built to meet the top standards and has been tested to endure long years of reliable operations. It can go for years without the need to recalibrate or service. Its ability to be re-installed means it is one flexible system that can be applied in different operations.

3. It is dependable and reliable to use even in the remote areas of extreme conditions. It can be used in any place operators want to. It can deliver consistent performance making it the ideal solution in automating load management tasks.

4. It is pretty simple to use. This is the best-class and also the easiest load scanner technique chosen by most users. It is the best way of getting work organized. Ideally, this is the best way of eliminating old school techniques of manually counting loads in trucks and even sometimes guessing on some of them. Things can now be done in seconds.

To learn more, check out the recent blog post about the Load Scanner Cloud Sync Platform at

Industrial Barcode Scanners for Rugged Durability & Reliable Performance

industrial barcode scannerIndustrial barcode scanners are designed to be rugged and durable so to withstand harsh conditions and rough use time and time again. When you need industrial-grade barcode scanners that offer reliable performance and rugged durability, Zebra, Datalogic, Intermec, and Honeywell are some of the top brands to look for. Here are five detailed reviews of some of the best barcode scanners available on the market.

Intermec SR30

The Intermec SR30 is a bar code scanner that offers perfect combination of performance, durability, ergonomics and investment protection in warehouses.

intermec barcode scannerIt’s designed with the following unique features; auto-adapting interface that facilitates easy and fast connectivity, compatibility with GS1 databar (GTIN compliance), interface flexibility which reduces the necessity for multiple devices, easy personalization and configuration, aggressive scan rate and exceptional visa scanning technology that enables it to read poorly printed or damaged bar codes.

The bar code scanner supports data editing and is extremely lightweight.

Zebra LS3578-FZ

The Zebra LS3578-FZ is a powerful device that has the capability of scanning damaged or poorly printed 1-dimension barcodes that are often found in typical industrial environments, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers.Zebra barcode scanner

The bar code scanner is designed with amazing features such as; fuzzy logic decoding that enables it to scan poorly printed, low contrast, dirty or damaged bar codes, remote scanner management, integrated Bluetooth that ensures wireless data are securely transmitted, batch mode operation and cordless handheld functionality that allows real time data collection of bar codes without necessarily using cables.

Other unique features of the bar code scanner include; bright LED, beeper whose volume can be adjusted, advanced data formatting, rugged design, support for GSI databar, IP65-rated seal, bright 650nm laser and multi-point communication system.

Datalogic PD7100

The Datalogic PD7100 is one of the most powerful industrial barcode scanners that uniquely combines effective reading performance and rugged durability at an extremely friendly price.

It’s packaged with a wide range of features that are usually available in different bar code scanners.

The product highlights of Datalogic PD7100 are; very fast reading speed (390 scans per second), two multi-interface options, Green Spot technology, loud beeper that provides good feedback, 25 kilovolt electrostatic protection, IP65-rated seal, 6.5 feet/ 2 meter drop resistance, 9.8 feet/ 3 meter reading distance and an extremely wide-angle bar code reading ability.

Honeywell Granit 1280i

The Honeywell Granit 1280i is a great bar code scanner that has several distinctive features. honeywell barcode scanner

They include; full-range liner-field-depth (with the ability of scanning up to 54 inches on a hundred mil reflective labels and up to 3.5 inches on 7.5 mil HD bar codes) and Remote Mastermind Scanning-Management-Software that provides convenient and quick solutions for AIT administrators who need to effectively manage bar code scanners within certain networks from central locations.

Other highlights of the device include; Industrial-Grade cable option, amazing scanning ability of damaged or poor quality bar codes and customized IP65 rated housing with the ability to withstand pressure when dropped from heights of up to 6.5 feet.

Zebra DS3578

The Zebra DS3578 is one of the leading barcode scanners in Illinois because of its ability to capture barcodes with extreme accuracy and speed.

It’s designed with the following remarkable features; capacity to read 2-D and 1-D bar codes, ability to capture and also transfer images, 7 to 1 pairing ability, powerful 624-MHz-processor, fast-pulse illumination, omni-directional scanning, excellent motion tolerance and government-grade security.

Other notable features include; ability to interpret IUID constructs, universal cable set, several on board interfaces, rugged design, integrated Class 11 Bluetooth, EZ-DPM software and ability to read HD bar codes.

On-board Scales: Revolutionizing Industrial Weighing Systems & Technology

on-board loader scale systemIn the industrial sector, loading and weighing is a common practice. There are various types of scales including mining scales, truck scales and industrial weighbridges. Weighing systems across the board are different in variety and methods of use. These type of equipment is used in the agricultural, mining, recycling and lab applications.

Unlike external weighing scales, the use of on-board scales, or on-board weighing systems, ensures that the processes of weighing and calibration are of the highest standard of accuracy, throughput and efficiency. A common theme with these on-board weigh scales is the cutting edge technology used to integrate the truck.

On-board Truck Scales

Haul truck scales are a common load bearing vehicle for mining, farming, and various other high-volume weighing operations. Haul trucks are perhaps the most popular application of on-board truck scales for many industries. The ideal on-board truck scale system will ensure that instances of overloading are detected and avoiding overload fees. Extreme examples of these on-board weighing system include in CAT haul trucks for mining applications, however on-board truck scales can be integrated on many different off-road vehicles and trucks.on-board scales for trucks

On-board truck scales are great for operations the demand a lot of loading and dumping. On-board truck scales are low maintenance, have multiple communication options and systems, and are field installable and serviceable from on-board truck scale suppliers like Walz Scale.

Dynamic, In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

on-board scale readout displayAmong the most popular feature of all on-board weighing systems is the that they are fully-functional, dynamic in-motion weighing with hydraulic systems. Tractor and truck scales are part of the on-board truck scales increase productivity in operations and stave off overload costs.

Compared to other truck scales, on-board scales provide precise readings and results even in difficult conditions, not to mention they are easy to operate and install. Other standard features of on-board scales are their mix and match integration without recalibration.

On-board Wheel Loader Scales

On board loader scales for heavy duty wheel loaders are boosted with features which make its operations seamless, efficient and productive. When a company invests in wheel loader scales, one can get the best loader scale products from Walz Scale. The types of on-board wheel loader scales at Walz Scale are the WK50XS, WK50S and WK50 loader scales.

The WK50 has a rock-solid foundation with an ideal design for payload management. WK50S increases efficiency with leverage on board loader scales with advanced data collection. The WK50XS main strength is the reliability and durability due to patented sensor technology with interchangeable attachments. A reliable wheel loader withstands tough conditions.

On-board Conveyor Scales

There are also onboard weighing systems for conveyors designed to provide accuracy and productivity. These weighing systems serve a variety of purposes for wheel loaders, mining trucks, forklifts, refuse trucks and excavators. An effective weighing system gives accurate readings and proper measurements.

on-board conveyor scale

Truck Scale Software & Technology

For proper load management, one will need apparatus which is innovative and technologically advanced to offer optimal efficiency. One will need advanced weighing technology for industrial weighing. This technology helps in gathering valuable data and facilitates processing and transfer of data. on-board truck scale software

They are useful for providing critical data and managing payload. Efficient on board scales/on board weighing systems will minimise costs by reducing overload fees, it will ensure that there is no overloading of agricultural goods or mining materials. They provide the catalyst for weighing solutions and eliminate bottlenecks in some of the key industrial sectors so that there is efficient management of load which percolates to industry final outcomes and meeting of objectives as far as load management is concerned.

In-Motion Cubing Systems: Advanced Package Weighing & Scanning Solutions

Walz continues to bring innovative products and new technology to its esteemed, wide customer base. Now, the company offers advanced (and affordable) dimensioning and cubing systems for those looking for a seamless solution to better capture dimension and weight data for shipping packages.Dimensional Weighing Scanning

Specially designed by Walz, a leading manufacturer of advanced weight systems and track sales, these modern cubing systems offers total automation of manifest and shipping systems, thus providing customers with a cost effective and efficient solution.

The company’s in-motion dimensional weighing and cubing system can handle every aspect of your package scanning and weighing needs, hence reducing your overhead operational costs. For any business looking to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, Walz cubing systems for dimensioning allow for the integration of scanning processes and turn-key cubing into their operations. This article looks at the features that make the in-motion cubing systems from Walz the best in the industry.

Easy-to-Integrate Cubing Systems

These systems are designed using the latest technology in the industry. The in-motion cubing system is highly advanced such that it is suitable for high-speed conveyor belt. This state-of-the-art system provides immaculate accuracy in terms of weighing capability and dimensional scanning.Dimensioning Systems

Featuring a complete blend of scanning and cubing measures, these products allow you gather reliable weight and product dimension of all the items in your warehouse or shipping applications. At just an affordable cost, you can get accurate data that includes ID, weight and dimensions of shipping items and production. The systems can therefore be an integral part of your logistics, helping you save time, effort and money.

Package Cubing Process

Real-Time Dimensional Weighing & Scanning

Standard features of in-motion cubing systems from Walz include real-time parcel weight and dimensioning, real-time parcel measurements and easy integration into windows operating systems and existing shipping systems.

The sensor technology behind this dimensional weighing system has been thoroughly tested for its efficacy and accuracy, and has been found to offer a long term affordable solution for different logistic needs. The integrated software application allows for flexible and intuitive interface for existing warehousing and shipping systems. This system requires no calibration or maintenance and is very easy to use. It gives you complete access even from far or remote distances. You only need to auto-calibrate it for your volume and weight.

Turn-Key Dimensioning & Cubing Systems

The best part about these 3D laser dimensional scanning system is its easy integration with multiple PC software. It can be simply plugged in to TNT, FedEx, UPS ADI and DHL on demand. This function saves you a lot of time and also helps you avoid manual errors.

Cubing Systems by Walz

You can also transfer your standard data online via internet connections. It is therefore very useful for data management, providing you with counting pieces for complete data counting and defining dim data. It also allows you to save your data easily in a .csv file.Conveyor Dimensioning Systems

If not well managed, dimensional scanning and package weighing costs can be a big part of your total logistics. If this is a concern for your business, then you need to integrate the in-motion cubing and scanning system from Walz into your operations today. It is equipped with features and technology that will help you run your business without digging holes in your pockets.

For more information on Walz advanced cubing systems and dimensioning technology, visit to learn more.

Leader in Payload Solutions Unveils Line of Scanners

Walz Scale prides itself on being a leading supplier of industry-specific truck scales, industrial weighing equipment, and various other payload management systems. Walz has commanded a diverse niche in the weighing technology market, and now, the company is unveiling its new line load scanner systems.

3D Volume Load Scanner

In effort to making payload management processes easier and cost-efficient for customers, Walz Scale has developed a state-of-the-art, in-motion volumetric load scanning system which has proved effective for many industry applications. Not only are Walz scanners simple in installation, but they also offer fast operation and increased productivity. As the authority manufacture of large-scale weight management equipment, it comes at no surprise that Walz Scale has advanced the industry with its new line of load scanner systems.

Application-Specific Load Scanning Technology

walz scanner systems

With the unrivaled technology and ingenuity Walz Scale has employed over the years, the company has managed to come up with three models of their load scanner system:

  • Payload Scanner
  • Conveyor Belt Scanner
  • Stockpile Scanner

Each scanner is specifically engineered for a different line of work but one guarantee all three models promise is accuracy and efficiency on the job, as Walz Scale strongly believe.

And true to their word, the Walz load scanner has proven to be more industry effective compared to the ordinary heavy duty truck scales. You can learn more about some of these load scanner solutions by visiting

Evolving the Industry Standard

Load Scanner DataWalz Scale’s scanning solutions are designed to provide high definition images of truck loads through a computer monitor or a mobile tablet. The visual ability allows one to monitor a truck carry back before the loading begins, the real volume carried when the truck is loaded and even the load position.

Such vital information is adept in ensuring trucks all come out carrying the same weight at a mining or loading site, ensure the load sits in the right position before the truck leaves the loading point or get accurate measures of the truck when empty and when loaded.

An Affordable Alternative to Truck Scale Systems

Walz Scale has successfully provided an affordable alternative to the previous payload management systems industries relied on. The load scanner from Walz is easier to install and operate, with user friendly features that keep working sites organized and efficiently running. There is little maintenance required for the Walz payload scanner as truck load monitoring specialists get accurate scan calculations in real time and check the weight load of many different materials in 3D angles, allowing no room for mistakes or uncertainties.load scanner materials

Walz load scanners are easy to install, provides accurate readings and is designed to last long enough to continue being the future of payload management solutions.

Over the years, Walz Scale has worked hard to ensure they provide affordable and efficient payload management solutions to industries. They have managed to create effective scanning solutions for industry truck scales, day to day onsite jobs, shipping services, freight services, transport and logistics providers, and even retail payload solutions.