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Professionals engaged in payload management using the Load Volume Scanner system (from now have something to get excited about after the introduction of the new Load Scanner Cloud Sync. This new Cloud Sync platform can be integrated to existing Payload Pro software suites directly, enabling users to access key data from anywhere.load scanner cloud sync software

The Load Scanner Cloud Sync allows users to leverage the revolutionary Load Scanner technology with greater access and efficacy, improving the level of service, accuracy, and efficiency in their existing systems. In short, the load volume scanner by, coupled with the new Load Scanner Cloud Sync, offers one of the best the best alternative to certain types of truck scales and weighing systems.

An Inside Look at the Cloud Sync Platform

The new Load Scanner Cloud Sync Platform comes with a variety of tools that work synergistically in monitoring, analyzing and alerting miners in their operations for efficiency in production.

carry back monitoring load scanner

Carry-Back Monitoring is one of the critical tools available in the new Load Scanner Cloud Sync platform. This tool can be integrated directly into the dashboard to provide real time haulage.

load position monitoring load scanner

Load Placement Monitoring is another essential tool that has been integrated to the fleet management systems. This works to ensure that there are no disruptions in daily workflow caused by poor loading of haulage assets.

Ideally, improper placement of load can lead to hiked machine costs and haulage asset maintenance. It therefore allows for easy monitoring of shovel operator in real time hence evading all the unnecessary costs. It can be easily integrated too into fleet systems.

Value-Added Efficiency & Flexibility

Payload monitoring tool has also been integrated into the Load Scanner Cloud Sync platform. This plays a critical role in allowing for real time and accurate volumetric analysis of payload. Mine sites can now analyze and customize their operations whenever they need.

This adds efficiency and flexibility hence improving the overall performance. The Load Scanner Sync Program has a lot of benefits to the users. Below are some of the benefits of using this great platform.

1. It is an affordable option and the best alternative to the heavy truck scales. In fact, it is a cost-effective solution in calculating load volumes efficiently and accurately. Besides, it is highly compatible to various computers or mobile devices. This means operators can seamlessly leverage the capabilities and tools of their payload monitoring to track and manage load scanning information. Installation of the system is less costly and takes the shortest time. Moreover, it requires the least maintenance.load scanner on the cloud

2. It is also very flexible and durable. It has been built to meet the top standards and has been tested to endure long years of reliable operations. It can go for years without the need to recalibrate or service. Its ability to be re-installed means it is one flexible system that can be applied in different operations.

3. It is dependable and reliable to use even in the remote areas of extreme conditions. It can be used in any place operators want to. It can deliver consistent performance making it the ideal solution in automating load management tasks.

4. It is pretty simple to use. This is the best-class and also the easiest load scanner technique chosen by most users. It is the best way of getting work organized. Ideally, this is the best way of eliminating old school techniques of manually counting loads in trucks and even sometimes guessing on some of them. Things can now be done in seconds.

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