Leader in Payload Solutions Unveils Line of Scanners

Walz Scale prides itself on being a leading supplier of industry-specific truck scales, industrial weighing equipment, and various other payload management systems. Walz has commanded a diverse niche in the weighing technology market, and now, the company is unveiling its new line load scanner systems.

3D Volume Load Scanner

In effort to making payload management processes easier and cost-efficient for customers, Walz Scale has developed a state-of-the-art, in-motion volumetric load scanning system which has proved effective for many industry applications. Not only are Walz scanners simple in installation, but they also offer fast operation and increased productivity. As the authority manufacture of large-scale weight management equipment, it comes at no surprise that Walz Scale has advanced the industry with its new line of load scanner systems.

Application-Specific Load Scanning Technology

walz scanner systems

With the unrivaled technology and ingenuity Walz Scale has employed over the years, the company has managed to come up with three models of their load scanner system:

  • Payload Scanner
  • Conveyor Belt Scanner
  • Stockpile Scanner

Each scanner is specifically engineered for a different line of work but one guarantee all three models promise is accuracy and efficiency on the job, as Walz Scale strongly believe.

And true to their word, the Walz load scanner has proven to be more industry effective compared to the ordinary heavy duty truck scales. You can learn more about some of these load scanner solutions by visiting LoadScanner.com.

Evolving the Industry Standard

Load Scanner DataWalz Scale’s scanning solutions are designed to provide high definition images of truck loads through a computer monitor or a mobile tablet. The visual ability allows one to monitor a truck carry back before the loading begins, the real volume carried when the truck is loaded and even the load position.

Such vital information is adept in ensuring trucks all come out carrying the same weight at a mining or loading site, ensure the load sits in the right position before the truck leaves the loading point or get accurate measures of the truck when empty and when loaded.

An Affordable Alternative to Truck Scale Systems

Walz Scale has successfully provided an affordable alternative to the previous payload management systems industries relied on. The load scanner from Walz is easier to install and operate, with user friendly features that keep working sites organized and efficiently running. There is little maintenance required for the Walz payload scanner as truck load monitoring specialists get accurate scan calculations in real time and check the weight load of many different materials in 3D angles, allowing no room for mistakes or uncertainties.load scanner materials

Walz load scanners are easy to install, provides accurate readings and is designed to last long enough to continue being the future of payload management solutions.

Over the years, Walz Scale has worked hard to ensure they provide affordable and efficient payload management solutions to industries. They have managed to create effective scanning solutions for industry truck scales, day to day onsite jobs, shipping services, freight services, transport and logistics providers, and even retail payload solutions.

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