On-board Scales: Revolutionizing Industrial Weighing Systems & Technology

on-board loader scale systemIn the industrial sector, loading and weighing is a common practice. There are various types of scales including mining scales, truck scales and industrial weighbridges. Weighing systems across the board are different in variety and methods of use. These type of equipment is used in the agricultural, mining, recycling and lab applications.

Unlike external weighing scales, the use of on-board scales, or on-board weighing systems, ensures that the processes of weighing and calibration are of the highest standard of accuracy, throughput and efficiency. A common theme with these on-board weigh scales is the cutting edge technology used to integrate the truck.

On-board Truck Scales

Haul truck scales are a common load bearing vehicle for mining, farming, and various other high-volume weighing operations. Haul trucks are perhaps the most popular application of on-board truck scales for many industries. The ideal on-board truck scale system will ensure that instances of overloading are detected and avoiding overload fees. Extreme examples of these on-board weighing system include in CAT haul trucks for mining applications, however on-board truck scales can be integrated on many different off-road vehicles and trucks.on-board scales for trucks

On-board truck scales are great for operations the demand a lot of loading and dumping. On-board truck scales are low maintenance, have multiple communication options and systems, and are field installable and serviceable from on-board truck scale suppliers like Walz Scale.

Dynamic, In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

on-board scale readout displayAmong the most popular feature of all on-board weighing systems is the that they are fully-functional, dynamic in-motion weighing with hydraulic systems. Tractor and truck scales are part of the on-board truck scales increase productivity in operations and stave off overload costs.

Compared to other truck scales, on-board scales provide precise readings and results even in difficult conditions, not to mention they are easy to operate and install. Other standard features of on-board scales are their mix and match integration without recalibration.

On-board Wheel Loader Scales

On board loader scales for heavy duty wheel loaders are boosted with features which make its operations seamless, efficient and productive. When a company invests in wheel loader scales, one can get the best loader scale products from Walz Scale. The types of on-board wheel loader scales at Walz Scale are the WK50XS, WK50S and WK50 loader scales.

The WK50 has a rock-solid foundation with an ideal design for payload management. WK50S increases efficiency with leverage on board loader scales with advanced data collection. The WK50XS main strength is the reliability and durability due to patented sensor technology with interchangeable attachments. A reliable wheel loader withstands tough conditions.

On-board Conveyor Scales

There are also onboard weighing systems for conveyors designed to provide accuracy and productivity. These weighing systems serve a variety of purposes for wheel loaders, mining trucks, forklifts, refuse trucks and excavators. An effective weighing system gives accurate readings and proper measurements.

on-board conveyor scale

Truck Scale Software & Technology

For proper load management, one will need apparatus which is innovative and technologically advanced to offer optimal efficiency. One will need advanced weighing technology for industrial weighing. This technology helps in gathering valuable data and facilitates processing and transfer of data. on-board truck scale software

They are useful for providing critical data and managing payload. Efficient on board scales/on board weighing systems will minimise costs by reducing overload fees, it will ensure that there is no overloading of agricultural goods or mining materials. They provide the catalyst for weighing solutions and eliminate bottlenecks in some of the key industrial sectors so that there is efficient management of load which percolates to industry final outcomes and meeting of objectives as far as load management is concerned.