Industrial Barcode Scanners for Rugged Durability & Reliable Performance

industrial barcode scannerIndustrial barcode scanners are designed to be rugged and durable so to withstand harsh conditions and rough use time and time again. When you need industrial-grade barcode scanners that offer reliable performance and rugged durability, Zebra, Datalogic, Intermec, and Honeywell are some of the top brands to look for. Here are five detailed reviews of some of the best barcode scanners available on the market.

Intermec SR30

The Intermec SR30 is a bar code scanner that offers perfect combination of performance, durability, ergonomics and investment protection in warehouses.

intermec barcode scannerIt’s designed with the following unique features; auto-adapting interface that facilitates easy and fast connectivity, compatibility with GS1 databar (GTIN compliance), interface flexibility which reduces the necessity for multiple devices, easy personalization and configuration, aggressive scan rate and exceptional visa scanning technology that enables it to read poorly printed or damaged bar codes.

The bar code scanner supports data editing and is extremely lightweight.

Zebra LS3578-FZ

The Zebra LS3578-FZ is a powerful device that has the capability of scanning damaged or poorly printed 1-dimension barcodes that are often found in typical industrial environments, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers.Zebra barcode scanner

The bar code scanner is designed with amazing features such as; fuzzy logic decoding that enables it to scan poorly printed, low contrast, dirty or damaged bar codes, remote scanner management, integrated Bluetooth that ensures wireless data are securely transmitted, batch mode operation and cordless handheld functionality that allows real time data collection of bar codes without necessarily using cables.

Other unique features of the bar code scanner include; bright LED, beeper whose volume can be adjusted, advanced data formatting, rugged design, support for GSI databar, IP65-rated seal, bright 650nm laser and multi-point communication system.

Datalogic PD7100

The Datalogic PD7100 is one of the most powerful industrial barcode scanners that uniquely combines effective reading performance and rugged durability at an extremely friendly price.

It’s packaged with a wide range of features that are usually available in different bar code scanners.

The product highlights of Datalogic PD7100 are; very fast reading speed (390 scans per second), two multi-interface options, Green Spot technology, loud beeper that provides good feedback, 25 kilovolt electrostatic protection, IP65-rated seal, 6.5 feet/ 2 meter drop resistance, 9.8 feet/ 3 meter reading distance and an extremely wide-angle bar code reading ability.

Honeywell Granit 1280i

The Honeywell Granit 1280i is a great bar code scanner that has several distinctive features. honeywell barcode scanner

They include; full-range liner-field-depth (with the ability of scanning up to 54 inches on a hundred mil reflective labels and up to 3.5 inches on 7.5 mil HD bar codes) and Remote Mastermind Scanning-Management-Software that provides convenient and quick solutions for AIT administrators who need to effectively manage bar code scanners within certain networks from central locations.

Other highlights of the device include; Industrial-Grade cable option, amazing scanning ability of damaged or poor quality bar codes and customized IP65 rated housing with the ability to withstand pressure when dropped from heights of up to 6.5 feet.

Zebra DS3578

The Zebra DS3578 is one of the leading barcode scanners in Illinois because of its ability to capture barcodes with extreme accuracy and speed.

It’s designed with the following remarkable features; capacity to read 2-D and 1-D bar codes, ability to capture and also transfer images, 7 to 1 pairing ability, powerful 624-MHz-processor, fast-pulse illumination, omni-directional scanning, excellent motion tolerance and government-grade security.

Other notable features include; ability to interpret IUID constructs, universal cable set, several on board interfaces, rugged design, integrated Class 11 Bluetooth, EZ-DPM software and ability to read HD bar codes.