Walz Load Scanner

The Walz Load Scanner system was developed to accurately monitor the movements of aggregate being moved around onto, and off earthworks sites. The civil construction industry, for example, needs such a load scanner because the engineering materials are scheduled and paid for by using volume measures. These materials carted by trailer or truck need monitored by volumetric truck measure of bulk quantities.

Load Scanner

Up until today there was no other satisfactory method of measuring load volumes accurately and quickly. Construction contractors and cartage companies have traditionally used measuring weight as the trade measure. The method can be inaccurate, when computing load volumes from assumed mass/volume ratios.

It is also time consuming and labor intensive for the contractor to manually check each truck load. For this reason Walz developed a load scanner system able measure the load volume accurately and quickly, and additionally record supplementary information such as vehicle operator, time, date, and job details for invoice generation.

Load Scanner

In-motion Load Scanner System

Load Scanner DataThe volume load scanner system developed by Walz provides in-motion scanning solutions of volumetric load. The system is simple to install, fast, highly accurate, and easy to operate. Walz Load Scanner provides best-in-class technology offered by a recognized industry leader in payload management solutions.

The volumetric load scanner is developed as an affordable and cost effective alternative to heavy duty truck scales. The system can calculate load volumes in an efficient and accurate manner. Operators can view 3D high definition images of the truck loads by using a truck load volume scanner by Walz Scale. The system is also integrated with Payload Pro Operating System, Walz Scale’s propriety software platform. The software is compatible on all types of mobile devices and computers.

Advanced Laser Technology3D Volume Load Scanner

The load scanner is a drive through non contact measurement technology using advanced lasers. A more accurate measure can be obtained by working from volume rather than weight. The load scanner can literally “see” the load, by using advanced laser technology. When the target vehicle drives under the volume load scanner, the device scans precisely the vehicle’s load volume and creates a surface profile or a 3D model.

The load scanner is able to calculate the volume of the load with extremely accurate precision by comparing this profile with that stored on file for the empty vehicle. Each vehicle that uses the scanner receives an RFID tag in order to identify it in the future when will use the scanner again.

Load Scanner System

Among the benefits of using a Walz Load Scanner include some of the follow, such as:

  • Designed for Harsh Environments
  • Load Imagery GenerationTruck Load Scan
  • Advanced Simplicity
  • Load Volume Calculation in Real Time
  • Net Weight Calculations
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Affordable Payload Management System
  • Flexible & Durable Load Scanner
  • A Dependable Reliable Load Volume Scanner

The Load scanner is the result of this Walz development project. Walz continued to develop the system and include fixed, portable, and semi portable models. The range of truck types and measurable load materials has also been extended since the initial development of this technology.

Load Scanner

To learn more, visit LoadScanner.com. The load scanner devices are operated successfully on a wide spectrum of trailer and truck designs. The Load Volume Scanner is a proven technology that is rapidly gaining recognition in the bark products industries, quarrying, and civil construction.

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